Our Mission

Beloved Family,

It is apparent that we are living in the times foretold by the ancient ones so long ago, the time of the great Awakening. A time when people will remember who they are and from whence they have come. To this end and for this purpose Awake within the dream productions has been created.

I call 2017 “The Year of Dreams Fulfilled.” During the first of this year I had a dream that I produced an event about Gaia. I woke up totally excited because this is one of my greatest passions, to create events that bring people together for the purpose of raising consciousness. So on the day when all of the planets went direct for 30 days the production company was born.

Awake within the dream productions is dedicated to bringing the finest and most dedicated speakers, authors, healers, musicians and artists in the world today to this great mountain. These are the ones who have been out there on the front lines (so to speak) sharing their love, wisdom and compassion with humanity helping to usher in a new way of Being… Living as Infinite Love.

In this world today it is so easy to get lost in all the negative rhetoric that so many are buying into. It is my belief that when we align ourselves with any cause that has a negative word attached to it, such as “anti-war”, anti Trump, war on drugs” etc… we are adding fuel to the fire. If we desire Peace then live peace. If we desire freedom then live free. If we desire to become who we truly are then live as Infinite Love. We are free and sovereign beings (and always have been). No one can ever take that from us. Let us wake up from this dream.

Mount Shasta is one of the 7 sacred mountains of the Earth. Seekers come from all over the planet to find solace and guidance on the slopes of this great Teacher. Many ley lines crisscross over Her majestic crown opening up inter dimensional portals to other worlds. There are legends, far too many to count that go back to antiquity. It is well known to many who live here that whatever takes place on the mountain, with pure intent reverberates out and affects the whole of the Earth.

It is with such pure intention that Awake within the dream productions has been created.

Come and join us on this Magical Journey…
In Infinite Luminous Love…