Gaia Symposium Vendor Village

The Gaia Symposium vendor village will showcase artisans, healers, healthy food, retailers and non-profits.

We carefully select the vendors based on quality, efficiency and presentation.  It is extremely important that all of our vendors are positive, friendly and professional.

Vendors may expect to see flow-through traffic from festival participants and the general public…the vendor village will be free to the public so there will be both Symposium participants and walk through traffic. We will advertise our Symposium letting the public know that the vendor village is free.

We are committed to local community and eco-friendly brands and we welcome any and all applicants that will be a positive contribution to our community.

Please click to view and print the 2017 Gaia Symposium Vendor Application.  Thank you fort your interest in being part of the Gaia Symposium. We look forward to a mutually and beneficial relationship.

Use the button below to pay your vendor fee. Thank you!